The Fangs in Heaven’s Jaw


The malignant smile of a pitiless sun is mirth this land must bear. Where pilgrim clouds brave searing skies in drafts of tortured air. Painted desert’s spirit sky beheld the mighty thaw. Bared fangs of bone and fire stone as teeth in heaven's jaw. Ancient rift in humble earth, a canyon carved in rage. Ten … Continue reading The Fangs in Heaven’s Jaw

Right Brain – Left Brain

Once upon a time in my life I wanted more than anything to be a writer. Disregard that my talent was less than adequate, it was what I wanted. Many books did read in this pursuit and as I wandered amidst the marvelous words of those whom actually could perform this feat, I somewhere became … Continue reading Right Brain – Left Brain

Gossamer Whimsy

Once half-full or conversely vacant fearful of change yet admonishing stagnation the glass rests paradoxically empty silent as infinity or the space between these ears where nature in despising a void might seek to refill with understanding more substantial than gossamer wings and whimsy. SSMatthews 4/25/18


A ceaseless current rolls its course as surface oscillations- archetypes of the human mind, in endless fascination, seek the swifter water where the elemental flows. Barnacles bleached and drying cling to underlying form, all my expectations wash like driftwood to the shore, tossed to beach and dying in the aftermath of storm- One more piece … Continue reading Driftwood

A Season of Wolves (Ch 3, Pt 1) A Mysterious Death

With the last rays of sunset fading from the flowering hillsides of June, as she did many evenings, Jeanne Boulet sat keeping watch over her family’s flock. Like most girls of fourteen years, Jeanne spent her idle hours considering what future the fates might have planned for her and what prospects for marriage might present … Continue reading A Season of Wolves (Ch 3, Pt 1) A Mysterious Death