Barefoot Poetry

SS Matthews

Wolfe’s Moon

Moon of Rowan Wolfe at Amazon


In 540 AD, the Byzantine (Roman) Empire is on the verge of crumbling. Plague is descending on Constantine’s City and the Holy Church is moving toward Orthodoxy. Eliminating competition under Justinian’s rule, it is his Empress, Theodora that is the last hope of the Monophysites, that and a scroll penned by the Pharisee Nicodemus.

Seduced from retreat in a Taoist Monastery, Rowan has knowledge of western culture and conventions, but little real experience as he travels to the Levant. Cursed for his efforts in rescuing the moon goddess, Heng-o, he is bitten by a surviving son of Lycaon. As the curse of Lycanthropy takes hold, he arrives in the Byzantine capitol. Given a quest to seek out and retrieve the lost Apocrypha, Rowan travels to the mysterious land of Egypt where he joins forces with a disillusioned Christian monk. Together they search for the scroll, but in doing so set foot upon a path that will lead them toward an inevitable confrontation with ancient evil.

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