Wolfe’s Bane

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Lilith, the Black Queen of Hell is searching for a suitable mate to bring forth her minions into the world of men. Having robbed Rowan Wolfe of his memory, she still desires to acquire the half-man half-wolf as her mate. Determined to bring about an age of darkness, if she should fail in her quest to seduce him, she will attempt the next best thing, achieving dominion over the werewolf’s children.

Wolfe’s Bane; the new Rowan Wolfe adventure now Available at Smashwords
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This wasn’t his fight, but neither did he have any place urgent to be. If the reports were true, these soldiers were stranded and outnumbered. Never the less they would fight as duty demanded. They wouldn’t complain as they died, or show fear. To the last man they would battle, for that was their way. It’d been a long time since he’d stood in combat and the manner of this confrontation seemed a far more natural experience than any to which he’d become accustomed. He could stand as a man among other men, fight at their side and be counted among them. If he died with them, so be it. But before being placed in a plot of tarnished soil, he’d give an accounting of himself that men would remember.

“You should leave this place immediately.” He warned Simon. “This isn’t a fortress; it’s an outpost of thirty men against a horde. We will be over-run by the first wave and put to the sword. I haven’t the time to teach you all that you want to know, but you’ve enough to begin.”

“Will you use magic against them?”

“No. I’ll fight with sword and shield. I’ve long wondered if there was anything left of me to call human. I would prefer to die as a man, rather than witch. Leave now while there’s time.”

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