Satan Never Sleeps (Prologue)

Prologue Ending her shift at the Extended Stay on Bay View, Sylvia Sanchez took the same shortcut home as she did most nights. Though generally safe, Madison Park bordered the bay bridge, a known haven for transients and sometime hideaway for more unsavory types. In an effort to avoid attracting muggers she didn’t normally carry … Continue reading Satan Never Sleeps (Prologue)

A Tavern on the Edge of Twilight

A Tavern on the Edge of Twilight The outlander didn’t really look all that imposing, sitting there quietly watching the two girls dance. Yet the assumption he was a survivor of the Steppes was enough to justify caution, prompting Burk’s generosity in including his cohorts. He hadn’t yet met the man he couldn’t handle one … Continue reading A Tavern on the Edge of Twilight