Barefoot Poetry

SS Matthews


Counting Instants to Eternity

In the time it takes to draw breath,
A butterfly crosses the porch
On its way to a yellow Allemande
Bursting in glory.

A jet hustles anxiously somewhere,
Shedding miles of dun trails
Through inches of sky.

A neighbor’s car makes its way
From drive to drive;
Too fast for children at play,
Too fast to get there today.

And the world spins again-
Ongoing sojourn, rotating cycles in circles
Counting millennia as instants to eternity.

The breath is The Journey undertaken.
In the moment of this vision,
What need have I for destination?

Perhaps my tomorrows number like stars, or
Count few as that single hanging light ‘ore the horizon.
Each I accept as adventure anew.
Each wrought in wonder for my eyes to view.
Each is an instant of life to accrue.
As forever and always they shine!

Poetry and Photography by SS Matthews