The Lighter Side of Blind

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision- Helen Keller Vision might be described as the ability to see what lies before you, rather than what you wish was there. Vision might also be described as the ability to recreate the world as you go. Come explore Feverish Dreams, images … Continue reading The Lighter Side of Blind

The Collector

Audio Version- Experimenting with Soundcloud The Collector This street is strewn with broken things, dreams die in the first few steps, it seems. Graffiti, pronouncing God’s demise, decorates the odd high-rise. I love the city, with its unpredictability. Its rows of tarnished faces watching passers-by for traces of weakness which might glare. I just stare … Continue reading The Collector

Home Repairs

They come, Seeking answers To scratch paper sketches; Porches, playrooms Pantries and problems; Resultant conundrums of a material world. Expecting- High pressure tactics, Pushy sales person Running up tickets, And, of course, technical expertise. What they don’t expect, Is a Home Depot holy man. An orange apron-ed mystic, Offering solutions to drywall dilemmas. Who studies … Continue reading Home Repairs