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SS Matthews

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The Lighter Side of Blind

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision- Helen Keller
Hellen Keller

Vision might be described as the ability to see what lies before you, rather than what you wish was there. Vision might also be described as the ability to recreate the world as you go. Come explore Feverish Dreams, images of what may or may not exist, depending on your vision. Available at Amazon May 2014 by SS Matthews


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Perish the Flesh

Fear’s boney fingers
flex at the edge of dreams.
Curling claws
that catch and cleave
to the mind’s ivory tower
by mortared seams.

Wresting free from psyche’s moat
secret sins from murky graves do float
and sail again the swamp of stagnant hope.

Sins long banished to this deafening isle
where in anguish the siren screams for toll.
A sacrifice of masculine fears
(betraying a trace of weakness here)
sends withered seeds in waves to crash
against her battered shore.

Oh, to breathe in abstinent air once more!

Perish the flesh,
no want to dream,
nor spark remain to flash, nor rise
from innocence’ ash,
the fire dies.

SS Matthews
Perish the Flesh can Be found in the darker side of poetry by SS Matthews. Available at Amazon 5/2/2014
Feverish Dreams
Feverish Dreams