Barefoot Poetry

SS Matthews

Barefoot Poetry

The Barefoot Poetry of SS Matthews

Coming of age and growing to manhood amidst the hammocks, swamps and rivers of Florida’s east coast, not to mention the gift of having the Atlantic at my doorstep, I was blessed with a wide range of low latitude adventures. Shoes were reserved for church and school; otherwise they were most always a neglected option. A pair of shorts, and sometimes a shirt, pretty much got the job done. Whether chasing snakes and gators or surfing, it was a barefoot way of life for a kid that carried over into adulthood.

I did always enjoy writing, but reading was heaven. Fantasy, Classic, Detective Stories, it didn’t matter. I loved all of it. It wasn’t unusual for me to have a dozen books going at once before my world came crashing down. Blind in one eye, I developed a dense cataract in the other and the surgery left me unable to read for more than a few minutes at a time. So we adapt. For whatever reason, my vision lasted much longer when directed toward writing and so that’s where my attention seemed to drift.

More than a dozen eye surgeries later, as technology seemed to develop temporary solutions just in time to rescue me from total blindness, I continue to spend a large part of my day playing with words. I don’t look to be rich or famous, for I am spared the desire to be so. But I write. I have a fondness for poetry equally shared with prose. The following is a compellation of the poetry I’ve penned and would share. I do it for the love of writing and ask of it, nothing more.

SS Matthews 03/24/2014


6 thoughts on “Barefoot Poetry

  1. Good Posts..
    Sanoj Jose (Author, My Day Out With An Angel)

  2. Looking forward to reading more of your interesting stories..Nice picture!

  3. I loved the simplicity conveyed through the idea of ‘barefoot poetry’

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