Barefoot Poetry

SS Matthews

Thief Saga Epic Fantasy Poetry

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Douglas Fairbanks
Image; Douglas Fairbanks – Thief of Bagdad


Win first her faith and her favor.
Prowl stealthily opulent chambers,
the deepening blue of her pleasure.
Eyes of night see not this thief.

Clutch tightly the stone her breasts adorned.
Make off with her Majesty’s treasure.
Win first her trust and sapphire lust.
How priceless, the jewels of this labor!

Untangle her silken limbs’ embrace.
Relinquish her softness, her satin.
Slip from her bed, yes tears will be shed,
but her curses in anger, forgotten.

I am a creature seduced by his trade,
a slave to a thousand desires.
But I’m first in her eyes, achieved by disguise,
where knave and knight both might aspire.

Republished from May 2014
and now

Lightfinger Returns

Dreaming of Knights, their banners a-breeze,
on winter white stallions, such sweet lust you breathe.
On satin down filled you sigh in your sleep.
Of gossamer nightdress, I should pause to peek.

But jewels are the riches I seek in the night.
Lightfinger of Shadow they call me by right.
I hunt in the flicker of torches burnt low,
an unnoticed shadow play lost on your wall.

Your jewel box lies open, a rare gift of haste,
though locks are but trifles to one with my tastes.
Gems of fine luster I transfer with ease
and here at the bottom a single gold key.

An intrigue, a secret, I will ferret out,
if treasures are hid, I will leave her, no doubt
with virtue and chastity both assailed,
while gemstones, tiaras and coins I redact.

Behind her bedchamber, a fine tapestry
of white Knights on horseback with lances on greens.
A joust to test true-ness of Knights chivalry,
but here there’s a door and lock near unseen.

This glittering key slides easily set,
a man of my talents affords no regrets.
A twist and a tug, I pull it aside,
a dreaming King’s harem within doth reside.

Women of races familiar and fair,
many exotics with jewels in their hair,
translucent attire on plush pillow piles
one with gray eyes not asleep and she smiles.

A maelstrom of maidens assailing my mind,
I’d lighten their braids had I enough time.
But my will is captured, this maid with light eyes
beckons me forward, to sample her lies.

Soft subtle embrace, a trap of bare limbs,
hips made of moonlight, and dew-fall and sin.
A thief should know better, a thief should be fast,
enwrapped in its power, a thief makes it last.

In away outer chamber, a shuffling of boots,
my soft gray eyed maiden and guards in cahoots.
But shadows are long when the candle is low,
I mix with the shadows, but stand out aglow.

Cleaver entrapment, a foxfire snare.
here in the darkness my image a-glare.
Quickly surrounded by several armed guards,
faced with no exit in a room with no bars.

In walks the princess who bows to my maid,
a ruse in proportion to talents was laid.
I look into gray eyes discerning her state,
yes, she’s the princess, deciding my fate.

I walk where I will and serve no regret,
I’ve made my mistakes, but none fatal yet.
I have the power, an awareness to change
the bog of belief for unfettered range.

Looks are deceiving when shadows are friends
Dungeons have windows, and shadows ride wind.
I bow once to gray eyes and give her a wink,
I’m held not by captors but chains of soft link.

SS Matthews


Author: SSMatthews

Author of The Moon and Rowan Wolfe and Wolfe's Banes.

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