Halloween 063

A ceaseless current rolls its course as surface oscillations-
archetypes of the human mind in endless fascination
seek the swifter water where the elemental flows.

All my expectations wash like driftwood to the shore,
tossed to beach and dying in the aftermath of storm-
barnacles bleached and drying cling to underlying form.

Another piece of flotsam set adrift from isle to isle,
as powers unperturbed propel this raft of dreams I ride.

Overhead a field of blue, a blazing, sullen sky,
erases known horizons,
conjures islands through refraction,
life is liquid in reflection,
on this string of faceless landfalls spread
a giant’s stride apart.

SS Matthews 2008

Feverish Dreams
Feverish Dreams
a poetry collection by SS Matthews
available at Amazon

5 thoughts on “Driftwood

  1. great opening lines scott…they have the feel of the waves and i like the allusions ot the human experience as well…the expectations tossed like driftwood on the shore as well…after the storm…yet still on goes the raft of dreams…makes me think of a bit of pruning that needs done to reach our dreams…

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