A Dance of Beltane

Witches Sabbat

Call first the Quarters and seek of their boon,
Freedom from doubt as we draw down the moon.
With whisper and chant, our circle’s defined,
With ecstatic voice we beseech the divine.

Sylphs, Salamanders, Undines and Gnomes,
Gather tonight round our bale-fire’s dome.
Complete is the union with Earth Air and Water,
The goddess descends as priestess and daughter.

Ring round in Hand-Fast, ecstatic regale,
The Chalice, the Sword- of maiden and male.
Unmasked uncover the seamless design,
Naked ascend into heavens benign.

Raise from the caverns so deep underground,
Fountains of pleasure nowhere else found.
Dance Elementals and children of light
Dance round the fire and deep into night.

Forego convention, partake at full tilt.
Abandon restriction and do as thou wilt.
In passing the cup we drink of the heart.
As merry we meet and merry depart!

SS Matthews
Feverish Dreams
Feverish Dreams
a poetry collection by SS Matthews
available at Amazon

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