Barefoot Poetry

SS Matthews

Faire Wood


Emerald wood where I wander,
silence this self‘s need to ponder-
a heart grown stale and not above
collapsing from this toil of love.

No more do dream of maidens fair,
their scented oils, their braided hair,
their girlish games of kiss and peek,
a winsome bore, a wine too weak.

With charms displayed through evening’s mist,
a wood nymph robed in shifting wisps
of vapors spun into a gown,
emerges from the trees’ surround.

Beneath the gaze of rising moon,
in twilight tones she hums a tune,
seducing with her glance and gait
desire for a wildwood mate.

Her lithesome limbs and secret bough,
enfold me in her glamour’s glow.
Lips a-thirst for strange encampment
drink from leaves in vines’ enchantment.

Our dance begins in naked dusk.
Machines of men may rot to rust.
I breath her scent and hold it fast,
then beg the night to ever-last.

SS Matthews

Author: SSMatthews

Author of The Moon and Rowan Wolfe and Wolfe's Banes.

23 thoughts on “Faire Wood

  1. Oh Scott this is gorgeous the way it flows the rhyme brilliant work and I absolutely love that last stanza

  2. love it.. just awesome.. very fluid.. magical..

  3. Beautiful artwork and amazing description. Your good words took me to good places.

  4. This was a breathtaking work for the prompt, that last stanza should be framed!

  5. My first visit – lovely poem, I’ll be back.

  6. I think if you ever got hold of a woodnymph.. o let the night last.. lovely writing.. and rhythm… should be read aloud.

  7. you know – i never met one – but they’re said to be shy – so if she stays, you’re lucky..smiles

  8. really nice rhythm throughout…and i like the contrast with the machines of man there in the end…i would hope nature lasts well beyond us, you know…beyond the magic that resides in th wood…smiles.

  9. Like the theme and cadence of your words specially that last stanza ~ Lovely work ~

  10. Scott, the images you evoked held me in this, beautifully written. Magical & mystical.

  11. Beautifully said, love the photo too:)

  12. I loved the rhythm and rhyme of this – it was hypnotising and enchanting, much like your faery nymph!

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