Barefoot Poetry

SS Matthews

Of Wonders Missed

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Leaning against the windshield,
Hands cup a head near spent.
I see her face amidst the stars
And gently now her scent.

She did say she’d see me again someday
And always her best when in black.
Stunned into thinking it must be the drinking,
I uncork the crock for a smack.

A relevant slug of amber’s sweet fire
Sprouts a few hairs on my tongue.
Which I pluck and I place around her sad face
In a midnight coif silver spun.

A sliver of moon, as it splits into two,
If fuller could pass for twin lips,
But if she had lips, mean words she might spit
And silence is solace when zipped.

I blink through a blur
As features soften accordingly.
Another long pull gives the kick of a mule,
Her demeanor is no less extraordinary.

Have you come in rebuke
My Lady of Stars,
With Venus your aspect
Aligned not with Mars?

Have you come then to tell me
Of wonders I’ve missed,
Why I couldn’t reach you,
So deep in your bliss?

These questions need answers
But you’ve traveled far,
Just one moment more
To pretend who you are.

SS Matthews 2013


Author: SSMatthews

Author of The Moon and Rowan Wolfe and Wolfe's Banes.

One thought on “Of Wonders Missed

  1. Your writing is amazing…just saying:)

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