Barefoot Poetry

SS Matthews



Dawn finds my four wheels rollin’ true
radio sounds abound.
Four lanes leadin’ anywhere that’s new
I won’t be found around.
Power pole pileup in my rearview
some poor soul poundin’ ground.

I’m makin’ tracks, I’m freeway bound
these roads go on forever.
No ways be back to this ol’ town
oh no, not me, not never.
Girl got close to tyin’ me down
she’s way stone cold an’ clever.

But the highway’s my way ’til I run dry
in this red paint Chevy truck.
I’ll pitch or hitch or get some gas
gonna change my losin’ luck.

SS Matthews


Author: SSMatthews

Author of The Moon and Rowan Wolfe and Wolfe's Banes.

15 thoughts on “Rollin’

  1. cool…I hear a guitar playing somewhere here!

  2. Me too, can hear a song in this one…nice to be free! 🙂

  3. nice…enjoyed the ride…the old road she calls me as well….i have an hour drive in the AM as well…so i am there…and the radio jamming to add to the coffee in keeping me awake…smiles….

  4. ha, i’m playin’ Midnight Rider’ by the Allman Brothers after reading this and the tempo is right there with your words…i can here this poem put to music with some slide guitar, love it! especially this line;.

    Girl got close to tyin’ me down
    she’s way stone cold an’ clever.

  5. Straight away I thought of the theme song “Rawhide”. Guess it was all that rollin’.

  6. I can relate to the freeway driving, those roads can take forever ~ Enjoyed this one ~


  7. This is great. Sometimes I feel the desire to get on the road and just go as far as I can….away somewhere. Smiles.

  8. Makes me reminisce about those ramblin days. When everything I owned could be put into a large garbage bag.

  9. Set it to music – love those road songs! I’ve been down a lot of highways and I found myself at the end of all of them. Great lyrics. Wow!

  10. this could be a country song… almost started to hum it…

  11. I think this fitted perfectly to the cowboy poetry prompt.. Like the modern cowboy on the highway…

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