Barefoot Poetry

SS Matthews

The Ballad of Rosa


With a saddle, spurs and Stetson hat,
Fresh from the range in need of a bath,
Rosa saw him from the cat-house rail
And believe me boys she’s some kind-a gal!

But Will should-a known to watch his back,
Cause last time in he bested Mack
At five card stud and Rosa’s bed,
Figgered for sure he’d wind up dead.

Now a 45 makes quite a hole
When it hits the gut or so I’m told,
But Will wasn’t the kind to quietly go
He and his colt made a hell-of- a show.

Two blank holes where were Mack’s eyes
And through his head shown clear blue skies.
Poor Rosa cried as both men died
And you may think I’m full of lies,

But it takes some gold at the Texas Queen
And mourning don’t buy anything.
So Rosa found a new cowboy
To tip his hat and jump for joy!

Poetry by SS Matthews


Author: SSMatthews

Author of The Moon and Rowan Wolfe and Wolfe's Banes.

33 thoughts on “The Ballad of Rosa

  1. ha. cool rhythm through most of this scott..a fun tale, well kinda…seriously cards and women will get you kilt on the frontier…smiles….

  2. Aww… this made me smile.

  3. I liked the rhythm here Scott…

  4. An absolutely wonderful tribute to the sounds and cowboy poetic songs of Marty Robbins (have that LP somewhere too!)…really great. It reads like a movie. Thanks for joining in.

  5. Cool story ~ I like the ballad of Rosa, she is a realist (And mourning don’t buy anything.)

  6. like the rhythm here..could be a hip hop song if cowboys knew how to do it.

  7. Great little story depicting those rough times!

  8. mourning don’t buy anything… ha. The lady of the west must be practical above all else! 🙂

  9. oha…smiles…that is quite the story… and she came across the mourning process quite quickly..ha

  10. ok…that was probably bad english..what i want to say is that she didn’t cry for them for a long time..smiles

  11. Love the character of this poem! I felt like I was watching a Western =) The new prompt is up if you are interested =)

  12. I love how you added the Murder Ballad genre to the cowboy one.. think they have a lot in common… This could be sung by Nick Cave 🙂

  13. Oh my, she is indeed quite a gal!

  14. That was some ballad about a gal name Rosa..mourning’s just another day..move on is what she says..

  15. Yes has. glad I didn’t work the range with them.

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