Birds 048


Fujion lens,
This Blazer and I,
Rolling through brambles,
Down dirt road meanders;
Aiming to shoot sun death on water.

Hazy horizon
Bleeding stains on the river,
Magnified, digitized,
In crimson and crape.

Grapple with mangroves-
Plow ‘twixt their tangles,
Kneel at the edge of estuary evening.

Mucky ground,
But lower down,
An inch above water where the magic begins.

A heron a-squawk!
Startling silence, spreads his wings
Glides to safe distance,
Descends with a falling star’s grace.

Primordial, perfect,
The glaring red eye of pathos, pristine.

Brief conflagration consuming horizons.
Watchtower tree-tops outlined in awe.

Images captured, computer compiled.
Screen saver slide-shows,
Storage on file.

Morning Glory

Poetry and Photography by SS Matthews

8 thoughts on “Blazing

  1. I love the part of where the magic begins, it makes me think of a snake just swimming beneath the water watching everything and waiting to pounce upon it’s prey. Or how sometimes when you are swimming and you want to stay cool to where you stay just below the water watching everything going on around you. I guess it is people watching under the water thing. People watching is always fun.

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful poem with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. I hope you have a great week and this cooler weather sticks around.

    God bless.

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