Bringing a blush, roses tossed to the lips of cumulus clouds,
The sun sets soft as December swells splashing against my balance.
Length of graphite in my hand, points my arm Atlantic.

Pelicans ply the wake of Dolphins leaping home.
Gulls scraping surface slicks for scraps,
Glide beneath a misted orb materializing above the horizon,
Silhouetting their silk smooth outlines against its brightening shine.

Seeking his place in the universe, another fisherman wades past,
Distorting a perfect proportion between life and limitation.
With my back to the breath of God, I nod.

Burdened by desire, he needs to wade deeper.
Buoyant in this moment’s grace, I am weightless,
A reflection of moonlight rising toward a sea of stainless stars.

Poetry and Photography by SS Matthews

22 thoughts on “Stainless

  1. Beautiful imagery. I like the way everything becomes all the more perfect, even after the other fisherman ‘distorts’ the scene.

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