Barefoot Poetry

SS Matthews




Bringing a blush, roses tossed to the lips of cumulus clouds,
The sun sets soft as December swells splashing against my balance.
Length of graphite in my hand, points my arm Atlantic.

Pelicans ply the wake of Dolphins leaping home.
Gulls scraping surface slicks for scraps,
Glide beneath a misted orb materializing above the horizon,
Silhouetting their silk smooth outlines against its brightening shine.

Seeking his place in the universe, another fisherman wades past,
Distorting a perfect proportion between life and limitation.
With my back to the breath of God, I nod.

Burdened by desire, he needs to wade deeper.
Buoyant in this moment’s grace, I am weightless,
A reflection of moonlight rising toward a sea of stainless stars.

Poetry and Photography by SS Matthews


Author: SSMatthews

Author of The Moon and Rowan Wolfe and Wolfe's Banes.

22 thoughts on “Stainless

  1. Wonderful! “with my back to the breadth of God” such a beautiful line.

  2. with my back to the breath e of god…what a cool line that is scott…the contrast between your weightlessness and his burden as well…very cool

  3. Thanks Brian, nothing like a little fishing to give you a fresh perspective.

  4. Beautifully penned, filled with wonderful images. Pelicans, dolphins, gulls — who could ever wish for more?

  5. Beautiful painting of the morning’s beauty ~ Last stanza just lifts me ” I am weightless” ~

  6. between life and limitation…great line….actually the whole damn thing was awesome.

  7. Wonderful! I especially love “with my back to the breath of God” and that amazing closing line. Great write!

  8. Distorting a perfect proportion between life and limitation

    Very wise words, Matthews! Life certainly has limitations!


  9. Beautiful imagery. I like the way everything becomes all the more perfect, even after the other fisherman ‘distorts’ the scene.

  10. it’s one of those ahhh moments that you have portrayed so well
    when all is well with the world and nature is the exclamation point

  11. Sunset so beautifully painted – a blush and roses tossed to the lips of clouds. Wonderful imagery all through the poem.

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