Barefoot Poetry

SS Matthews

As Butter Bye the Window Flies


Profundity pours from the morning pot
black and steaming, streaming into my mug.
Spare no drop for the kitchen rug.
This drug may stain, but caffeine drips in nicks of time
dispelling dust clouds from my mind.

All mine, this early moment’s space, with just a hint of dawning grace
before this city’s race of rats stampede the status quo.
Where did it go?
Once crisp as fresh wheat toast, this brain,
clearly soaked and butter stained.

To that jar of multi vitamins I am inconstant friend
Take with caps of Red Yeast Rice,
Why cleanse blood cells of every vice?
Potato baked but falsely spread, will scrub the plaque,
will clear my head, rid me of dementia’s dread?

Alas, my father’s bane became a raven at my window pane.
Rapping beak upon the glass, through sharp black eyes,
I grasp at last the deadly call.

Yoga breath helps draw away the draperies of a winter’s day
so light may spill on fresh found wits,
half way won and not unfit
to fight the fated doom.

New broom.

Outside a world of wonder waits.
Be there now, don‘t meditate.

My dark recedes in thin disguise
as butter by the window flies.

Poetry by SS Matthews


Author: SSMatthews

Author of The Moon and Rowan Wolfe and Wolfe's Banes.

12 thoughts on “As Butter Bye the Window Flies

  1. Oh yes, that early morning pot. I sometimes do my best thinking in the morning. Profundity? Or just removing the dust clouds from the previous night. And yes the vitamins that we hope will ward off things in the future…we live on hope and caffeine I think sometimes. An interesting write today.

    • Thank You Mary. Very kind of you to say so! And yes, as a self-aware caffeine junky, as I practically live off the stuff, I concur, there’s nothing comparable to that morning pot!

  2. I am gob-smacked by this poem, which is a feast of imagery, in the most intriguing form. The raven stanza is AMAZING, and I love your closing lines so much. Loved this, every bit of it.

  3. Outside a world of wonder waits – just sums up the wonder of what we have and is there, great line and really well crafted words.

  4. From the title all the way through to the last line you kept me on my toes! As a yogi, this was my favorite line – “Yoga breath helps draw away the draperies of a winter’s day” – those deep breaths do help brighten the day!

  5. i take mine black, just like my wife
    i hit the cup hard in the morning then get out and about
    searching that world of wonder…if the butter ever flies that
    means i have done something…ha…

  6. A simply wonderful poem! You took me with you every step of your (changing) way.

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