Barefoot Poetry

SS Matthews



Your golden eyes glisten to glitter.
How they sparkle to glamour’s hard shine.
On laurels your trophies retire,
As proof you are doing just fine.

I hate you! I fear you! I love you!
Possess a sunset’s depth before dusk.
But burst from your mass of turbulent air
In explosions of lightning and lust.

I conceded your needs in compassion,
Eye to eye and unwilling to hide.
My finest ideals, romantic appeals
are but trivial thorns in your side.

You charmed a dreamer’s naiveté’,
Through the mirror of passionless lies,
Finding no way past reflections,
I rebound from your pain and reply-

Cruise ships, jet planes and Volvos,
May form the caravan carting your dreams,
But they travel the same burnt out byways
Through landscapes of life never seen.

So I choose a path, I know to be
One thing that is truly my own.
I watch stars shatter, flash and congeal
As steps along my journey home.

SS Matthews


Author: SSMatthews

Author of The Moon and Rowan Wolfe and Wolfe's Banes.

13 thoughts on “Byways

  1. Beautiful specially the last verse ~ Perhaps that is the best journey of all ~

  2. Lovely piece.All the stanzas are poetic gems.

  3. wow….nice journey in your words scott…we can only live so long on the dreams of others…and must find our own path, our own way….compassion is big in my book, as is helping others, but you have nothing to give when you have nothing of your own….

  4. Hi there,
    I thought this was a writer’s work.
    Novella disguised as poem.
    Your gl-words are interesting in that they can be taken apart and also carry the value of their components.
    glamour / amour
    glisten / listen

    “In explosions of lightning and lust.” What a line.
    Makes me want to play with ‘tightening to dust’
    [btw, you might want to add an aitch to ‘trough’ or I’ll be reading ‘rough’ 🙂
    or start thinking of pigs]

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