Barefoot Poetry

SS Matthews

Spring of ’63


What manor of melody was Please, Please Me?
‘Ask Me Why’on flip-side B.
‘Love me Do’, The Daily Mirror spied
Beatlemania is now alive!

Johnny, Paul, George and Ringo
Racked US parent with constant vertigo.
Screaming, sighing, laughing crying
lyrics shouted un-subsiding.

Gone the hair style called the ‘Buzz’
Bowls coiffured for most of us.
Ecstatic when we finally found
Ed Sullivan conceding to their sound!

Leaping forward, Norwegian Wood,
“I once had a girl” and this was good!
‘A Hard Day’s Night’ was out of sight!
And Man, ‘Do I want to hold your hand.’

The Boys had talent rhythm and news,
A whole new twist on swinging blues.
With ‘Rubber Soul’ on water they tread,
Our hunger for more could not be fed.

‘Help’I need a ‘Ticket to Ride’
“Let It Be’ cause ‘Yesterday’ cried.
And so began the winding road
Long it was and gave us hope.

Eventually success put them asunder,
But I can still recall the thunder
Of McCartney, Harrison, Lennon and Starr
As flames igniting a nation’s heart.

Scott Matthews 05/19/13

For my daughter on her 31st birthday.


Author: SSMatthews

Author of The Moon and Rowan Wolfe and Wolfe's Banes.

13 thoughts on “Spring of ’63

  1. Such a charming poem and what a great vibe! I love the tribute that is so sweet =)

  2. Fantastic tribute to a great band!! Love it! 🙂

  3. ahh…the Beatles…nothing else can I say

  4. haha that was awesome…love your blend in this…reminds me a bit of we didnt start the fire with all the flashbacks…

  5. Nice. Rubber Soul changed a lot of people’s opinions of The Beatles.

  6. This is a truly superb tribute. Finely crafted.

  7. Hey Scott the new prompt is up!

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