Barefoot Poetry

SS Matthews

Stay With Me


Where are you going?
She asked, her white picket fence
defining the edge of her world.

Today I choose to be a lion tamer.
Great beasts will leap through fiery rings
at my whim.

Stay with me, she said.

Where are you going?
She asked, finding the grass still green
beyond the border of her yard.

Today I choose to be a musician.
With bow and violin I will charm the masses!
With pipe and organ I will transcend time.
Can you hear me play?

Stay with me, she said.

And to what magical place will you travel today?
She asked, longing to be free of her fear,
longing to be anywhere but where she was.

Today like tomorrow,
Tis my will to be an actor on the changing stage of life.
Come with me, I said.
We will dance, we will sing, we can do anything.
Leave fences behind, find courage to remind
yourself who you are.

I cannot go, she said.
This house is what I know.
This yard is where I grow.
Though your journeys range,
mine never change.

Stay with me, she said.

Poetry by SS Matthews 05/06/2013


Author: SSMatthews

Author of The Moon and Rowan Wolfe and Wolfe's Banes.

14 thoughts on “Stay With Me

  1. Fantastic Scott I am glad to see you out in the writing community =)

  2. True, our life keeps changing tracks and stages, we just need to flow along….

  3. Sometimes we fear change preferring the ‘comfort’ of familiarity as we hide behind the fences and brick walls we build in our minds.

    Anna :o]

    PS Two wrong links from me! Please see

  4. Your poem creates such a vivid contrast of one enjoying life and someone afraid to step out beyond their picket fence. First time here! Looking forward to more visits!

    • Thank you Laughwithme. I started this adventure less than two weeks ago, but I’m gonna like it. Tis wonderful to be in the midst of so many writers. Be they masters of the art, or freshly sprung from High School Creative Writing Classes, they are working at perfecting their craft. I feel proud and honored to be sharing that journey with them, b

  5. im speechless!! really sad for the girl.. i guess she’s scared to come out of her comfort zone..

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